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Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology

Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Back Back! Anthology by Fray Baroque & Tegan Eanelli This new slimmer version of QUV brings you all the punch of the first edition at half the price. With a new introduction, this prisoner friendly version is a must have. “Let’s be explicit: We are criminal queer anarchists and this world is […]

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Production Notes – March 2012

I am not writing very much right now. I wish I was. I am so entirely mired in the day-to-day workflow of LBC that it has become nearly impossible to keep track of all the details or to look past them. I want to keep a record of this work (both types) though so I […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2011

This is an exciting time to be in the Bay Area. The Occupation of Oakland (or as we prefer the Oakland Commune) has been amazing. It has made cynical people smile and even jaded people feel like there is something positive about what is happening in downtown Oakland. This is what is possible when anarchists […]

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