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Entry 3 – British Columbia

I haven’t been away from my home keyboard setup for this long in a few years. The reason I know is because I haven’t read hundreds of @news comments. I have stopped caring about all of the updates of my “friends.” And I’m ambivalent about catching all of you up with my trip. That’s not … Continue reading “Entry 3 – British Columbia”

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Fighting the Systems Within Us

[image originally from here] You Say Fair, I Say Faire… Hello. So, it has been some time since I jotted down some thoughts here, so here goes nothing – what interesting things can I write to you of… Well, the spring time is finally here – and not a moment too soon. Not to wrangle […]

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On the seventh day of anarchy…

The bulk of the socializing, selling, talking, and this-and-that is over. All that is left is a dinner and the last Anarchist Study Group. Before we finish up I’ll share with you some of my impressions of the past 7+ days and give some shout outs to people & projects I am happy about. Obviously […]

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Drawing a line between love and (anti)politics

What’s a book? Is it a self-realization of an individual’s life in the context of living others? Or is it self-realization as a closed compartment, for example an “insurgent,” a category that remains separate from all the other separate categories? – Sophie Back from the Mountains In typical fashion, almost a month late – over […]

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Reality is starting to incorporate our dreams

Maybe what’s happening is that we’re all becoming children again. Our rigid roles and characters are dropping off like dried skin. We’re fascinating to each other because each one of our acts might be a total surprise, at any instant our personalities might change completely. Like children, we’re not exhausted by what we’ve been and […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Just Dance

Dancing in the Dark (you can’t start a fire, without a spark) I’m still in the midst of finishing Letters #6 and so far I’ve read about half-way through. It has been a busy week with old friends visiting from far away, the usual suspect (work), and a little thing called a leaf storm (which, […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 3 (y más)

You can do anything you want “impossibility is a term of logic and reality doesn’t observe the limits of logic” – Sophie (page #382) Wow. It has been a while, and for a moment there I fell behind a bit in the reading and writing about that reading. The conversation is always there, it is […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 2

losing your illusion in the land of gigantic objects and monstrous toys Hello there world. It has been a busy week, with the official start of summer, and one more set of letters. One idea that really sticks out for me in this set of letters that of illusion. The title of this blog is […]

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Letters of Insurgents: Part 1

So, things are heating up over at Insurgent Summer, a participatory reading of Letters of Insurgents. Tomorrow is the deadline for the first letters to be completed, and I’ve just finished them, so I’ll try and write down some thoughts to get the ball slowly rolling. I’m going to try and do this for every […]

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History’s instrument was a firing squad!

[photo from the insurrection in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico on May 19th, 1911] Summer has almost arrived and with that, everyone’s favorite hope of free time is being watered and with patience, (perhaps even) growing. What will your summer look like? The grasshopper or ant? Of the many things happening this summer, here is one that […]

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A letter to close 2009

Big changes in the air, which is a great, as 2009 has been utter shit. A horrible year that I am happy to see behind me. I’ll review.
I am still working full time. The job is increasingly grueling as my tasks become more cyclical (month-to-month) and less problem solving (day-to-day or hour-to-hour). My job has […]

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A short trip to Seattle

I’ll try not to bore you with the retail realities of my recent trip up to the Seattle bookfair. Maybe I will dedicate a post later in the month on the oh-so-exciting topic of what ppl are interested in, commodity wise, but I will tell you that I just returned from the first annual Seattle […]

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