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Here… at the Center of the World in Revolt

  Here is the story of the composition of revolt broken into theory and practice. It is anarchist theory for the 21st century. The opposition of individual and community is a false one, for every model of individual implies a community, and every community an individual. The Western individual is the building block of a […]

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Work and Alienation

The details of Craig Carlos-Valentino’s work should not be seen as a minor detail in the story of his life, of which the event that occurred in the Bay Bridge the morning of November 11 can be seen as the most logical outcome of such a form of existence. It seems as if everyone, everywhere, […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2010

This summer included fun trips to Seattle (the NW is the best!) and a wonderful trip to Minneapolis. The midwest is a refreshing change from the coastal anarchist scene. Less sectarian, less bohemian, and full of interesting projects. People should stop moving to the coasts and make the Midwest more awesome! Halloween is near. The […]

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Justice for Oscar Grant?

Let’s face it, the idea of “justice” for Oscar Grant isn’t what we need. It sounds good as a slogan for an easily co-opted movement, but it ignores several important factors when looking at the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of Mehserle and when looking at the entire system of police. The movement […]

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Conflict in Turlock

Another first draft/ideas ———————– We live in a society that is primarily divided by class. This was made very apparent on June 25th when Sarah Palin spoke at CSUS. The audience was composed of those who can afford to drop 500 dollars to hear some bullshit (the ruling class). The organization responsible for getting Palin […]

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This is a rough draft…

————————— A Continued Discourse on Crews: All Friendships are Political I intend this to build upon what Nachie wrote in Emotional Poverty on crews and their use for (anti)political organizing and activity. The crew/street gang structure has shown to be extremely effective, and is definitely something that anarchists and anti-state communists should be using. But […]

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