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Fra Contadini

Fra Contadini by Errico Malatesta These words mark the maximum point of Malatesta’s analyses contained in the present pamphlet. The individual arguments faced, the various theoretical questions take on a different meaning and perspective in the light of this phrase. Taken individually, problems such as production, machinery, work, planning, price mechanisms, Government, the State, the […]

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Adios Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escape

Adios Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escape by Juan Jose Garfia The barely fictionalized accounts of four escapes from prison, written in the 90s and recently translated from the Spanish. These stories are important as more and more of our friends go to prison; they are realistic portrayals by experienced people about what prison is like, […]

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Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I

Alexandre Jacob: Sailor, Thief, Anarchist, Convict (1879-1954) Vol. I, by Bernard Thomas Basically we too, the hard, dauntless ones with our refusal to accommodate, even we, who are not discouraged by the threats of the institutions, nor by the far more terrible ones of imbecility disguised as rebellion, also need our iconography. That is why […]

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What’s New from LBC for Summer 2013

Summertime means the planning and plotting for the fall book fair season, Seattle, the East Bay, Los Angeles and the first ever fair in New Orleans. We do find time to enjoy the summer sun and visiting friends and we certainly enjoy the slightly more relaxed schedule that allows us to focus on the couple […]

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Anarchism & Violence

Italian anarchist Severino Di Giovanni, one of the most vocal supporters of Sacco and Vanzetti in Argentina, bombed the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, a few hours after Sacco and Vanzetti were condemned to death. On November 26, 1927, Di Giovanni and others bombed a Combinados tobacco shop. On December 24, 1927, Di Giovanni blew […]

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