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The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Grupos de Afinidad

The Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Grupos de Afinidad fils dupont   Anarchists have always assumed the dimension of the general state but rarely have they succeeded in harnessing this power for the benefit of its restrictive counterparts. Only when the power of the base is under the dictatorship of the union can it gradually […]

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Everything is Occupied.

Occupation is the full disclosure of the one dimensional society. In a society whose function serves only to employ dissent, the function of dissent now only serves. The triumph of rationalization, and the perfection of the human capacity to have unlimited and immediate access to knowledge has demystified space; consequently, it has left no space […]

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To Re-view Again, For the First Time By Saint Schmidt We always begin from a viewing. Images are brought into our sight and subsequently (and retroactively) coded with some type of significance. In this sense politics has always been an act of backwards compatibility; that is, by way of an absence, a presence is born. […]

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Living with Passion

“Our age is essentially one of understanding and reflection, without passion, momentarily bursting into enthusiasm, and shrewdly relapsing into repose” –Kierkegaard If one can be found to risk anything in this life it is first of all her passion. God punishes those who deviate from reason, who sin by the hands of passion; and so […]

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The Reality of the Virtual Friendship: A Review of the Anarchist News Chat Server

The Anarchist News Chat Service (ANCS), one of the Anarchy Planets (see,, constitutes an arrangement of personalities (see, I have the courage to say that I have spent the majority of my days, since the service was first established, partaking in long day and late night banter and naive attempts at serious conversation. […]

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A rejection of essence, part 3

The homeless man staggers back into the cafe and says at the outset, with his hands up in the air and a few pennies in the palm, “I just wanted to buy something to eat”. There is a discussion between the homeless man and the shop-keeper .. but I can not hear it. The shop […]

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A rejection of essence – Part 2

5 minutes have passed since the interaction in front of me. The homeless man slowly places his glass to the table. He drank two full glasses of milk and sat there, glowing in pride for being ‘one of us’. Everybody in the cafe watched from the corners of their eyes — this man was not […]

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The Shop Keeper and the Student; A Denial of Essence in Revolutionary Thought

A man enters the shop and begs the shopkeeper for something to eat and drink. The man shakes his hand, without noticing the cuts, bows to the homeless man, and offers him more to eat and drink than any paying customer. The homeless man is so grateful, he wants to shake the hand of others […]

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Thesis 1: Nihilist anarchism is a confrontation with the symptom.

Anarchy: A word I have chosen from within my lexicon to describe a place from which all movements derive. Upon admittance to the symbolic order, we are forever barred from admittance into the order of anarchy. Anarchism: A metaphorical/metonymical discourse that allows for the discussion of anarchy from within the symbolic order. Whereas first-order anarchy […]

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Zerzan, Prophet of Language – rough notes

Question: How many Anarcho-Primitivists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Answer: *grunt* *grunt* *pelvic thrust*
If I may be permitted the minor reduction, as all writers naturally are, of suggesting that the contemporary world is haunted as if by a single essence and that this essence is language, I would argue that the quest for […]

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Ever far from letting themselves come to their full development and consequence, men have hitherto not been able to found their societies on themselves; or rather, they have been able only to found “societies” and to live in societies. The societies were always persons, powerful persons, so-called “moral persons,” i.e. ghosts, before which the […]

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Saint Schmidt 2009-10-06 17:51:58

I, the egoist, have not at heart the welfare of this “human society,” I sacrifice nothing to it, I only utilize it; but to be able to utilize it completely I transform it rather into my property and my creature; i. e., I annihilate it, and form in its place the Union of […]

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Friendly Fire

“You are waiting for the revolution? Let it be! My own began a long time ago! When you are ready (god, what an endless wait!) I won’t mind going with you for a while. But when you stop, I shall continue on my way toward the great and sublime conquest of the nothing!
Any society […]

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