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Theory of Bloom

Theory of Bloom by Tiqqun, translated by Robert Hurley The Theory of Bloom is the theory of the isolated subject of the modern era. The Bloom is forced to fixate on certain social roles in order to survive. Worker, housewife, professional, student, citizen, all of the roles are but masks, donned and rarely removed. The […]

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The Cultural Logic of Insurrection

The Cultural Logic of Insurrection by Alden Wood Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee, while clearly informed by academic discourses (such as traditional metaphysics, theories of sovereignty, the study of biopolitics and disciplinary practices, etc), are staunchly defiant of the academy’s monopoly over political thought. They are at once an appropriation, recontextualization, and a liberation of […]

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Texte de la journée: FOUCAULT (archived 11-10-2010)

“Do not demand of politics that it restore the ‘rights’ of the individual, as philosphy has defined them. The individual is the product of power. What is needed is to ‘de-individualize’ by means of multipication and displacement, diverse combinations. Do … Continue reading

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