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Anarcho-Pessimism: The Lost Writings of Laurence Labadie

Son of Joseph Labadie (of the famed Labadie Collection in Ann Arbor), Laurence Labadie out-distanced  his  father as a thinker and a polemicist. Laurence had the good luck to have been in consistent contact with some of the best writing by the American  individualist  anarchist  tradition. Through  a  series  of  ingenious  counterpoints  and elaborations he […]

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Here… at the Center of the World in Revolt

  Here is the story of the composition of revolt broken into theory and practice. It is anarchist theory for the 21st century. The opposition of individual and community is a false one, for every model of individual implies a community, and every community an individual. The Western individual is the building block of a […]

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