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Black Seed #2

Black Seed is an anarchist paper in the tradition of Green Anarchy magazine (RIP) that presents through essays, images, stories, and poetry, green anarchist perspectives. Black Seed is a 32 page newspaper format biannual publication. This is the second issue. Black Seed is a collectively-produced, print-only newspaper that is concerned with the larger questions of […]

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Free From Civilization by Enrico Manicardi

Free From Civilization, by Enrico Manicardi Notes Toward a Radical Critique of Civilization’s Foundations: Domination, Culture, Fear Economics, Technology. In clear, impassioned prose, Enrico Manicardi analyzes the evils of our age from their genesis. This or that economic, technological or cultural model is not to blame for our current crisis; the blame lies with economics, […]

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pieces of a roast – Part II

Here is a second roast contributed by John Zerzan from Eugene Oregon Aragorn! Subversive Trickster or Postmodern Confusionist? Who is this larger (much larger) than life figure? How should we appreciate and applaud his bizarre term of confounding us? He who laughs at such pedestrian notions as commonly accepted definitions, historical fact, and consistent vision––what […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2010

Spring was a great time for LBC. The Bay Area bookfair was great and the NYC bookfair was a great deal of fun. We even had a quick trip up to Olympia! We watched 10,000 copies ofAfter the Fall pass into the hands of people who found spectacular use for it. We also watched the […]

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