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What’s New with LBC – Winter 2015

It was an amazing fall and a fantastic year. In November we visited the Southeast (including the Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair) and participated in the third annual East Bay Book and Conversation event in the nearby town of Oakland, CA. Several of our titles are raising the kinds of heated conversation we are hoping to have […]

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What’s New with LBC – Fall 2014

Summer has come to a close. This summer was delayed for us as our Spring books took a little longer than we would have liked to be completed (here is looking at you Dictionary of Unhappiness) but otherwise was surprisingly busy. Usually summers are very slow for LBC but not this year. Is this a […]

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What’s New from LBC – Winter 2014

As this year begins–our third of publishing at least a book a month–we think we have found an answer to the pernicious question: what is the task for committed rabble-rousers when nothing else is going on? The answer is to recuperate, review, and prepare. Our way of approaching each of these is to Publish Books. […]

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What’s New From LBC – Holiday Edition 2013

Welcome to the first ever Holiday Edition of What’s New LBC. We have finally settled in from our month long US Tour and are ready to get down to the holiday season. First up, until December 15 we are offering Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more. When you check-out, just select Domestic Media […]

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What’s New from LBC – Fall 2013

Perhaps the biggest news for LBC this quarter is that we are traveling around most of the US over the next month. We will be bringing a large pile of books and a presentation for your entertainment. The updated schedule is here, with the tour beginning to Los Angeles this weekend and ending in Oakland […]

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What’s New from LBC for Summer 2013

Summertime means the planning and plotting for the fall book fair season, Seattle, the East Bay, Los Angeles and the first ever fair in New Orleans. We do find time to enjoy the summer sun and visiting friends and we certainly enjoy the slightly more relaxed schedule that allows us to focus on the couple […]

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LBC Newsletter for May 2013

After an exhausting March (the 8 days of anarchy was a blast this year) we are finally back in the mix and near completion on our next batch of titles. Our April title is a reprint of Ron Sakolsky’s 2005 Creating Anarchy. First published by Fifth Estate books, this title is a dynamic collage ideas, […]

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What’s new from LBC – Spring 2013

Welcome to the start of 2013. As many of you probably know the biggest anarchist event in the Bay Area is the 8 days of anarchy which featured books, a conference, a memorial, a picnic, and some celebration (congrats to RCA/Hot Mess)! There is so much work associated with the 8 days that it’s hard […]

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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Winter 2013

Anarchist publishing thrives on visible anarchist activity. The past 18 months has been an exciting time for both, which raises the question of what’s next? When we consider future titles we do it with an eye on what will inspire the next wave of activity: what informed the last wave and what were its limitations? […]

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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2012

The first signs of winter are in the air and morale seems low. This is a perfect time to sit by a fire and read a good book or two. A time to conspire, prepare for future activities, and stay out of the cold. We have some morale boosters and some rich offerings for future […]

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LBC Newsletter – September 2012

We are exhausted after the exciting events of the last month, having taken LBC to Los Angeles and Seattle and had friends table for us in Victoria and Minneapolis. Thanks to our friends we are able to travel far beyond what we are physically capable of. Friends! This month we are introducing a new imprint […]

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LBC Newsletter August 2012

This month we bring a new process for updating people about what we are working on. We will still issue our quarterly “What’s new with LBC” that will be more broadly available (posted to the broad Internet) but for our closer friends (the thousand or so who read our blog and receive our update emails) […]

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What’s new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2012

After an exhausting Spring with visits to NYC, the Midwest, and Montreal we have settled back down to work for the summer. This summer is a great one for LBC as we are growing faster than anticipated with new people getting involved and a great increase this summer in the project. This is especially exciting […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Spring 2012

One book a month. This was the quiet goal we set ourselves upon for 2012 and, so far, it has been working. Now that the book is dead, anarchy is a relic of history, and the end of history is upon us it is the perfect time to make anarchist books about the end of […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Early 2012

As you may have heard (but probably didn’t)… These are active times at LBC Headquarters. We have transformed our project from a part-time, do-as-we-may, casual distribution project into a full time, agile distribution AND publishing project. We did this with the announcement of LBC Books and our first three published titles. These titles include the […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2011

This is an exciting time to be in the Bay Area. The Occupation of Oakland (or as we prefer the Oakland Commune) has been amazing. It has made cynical people smile and even jaded people feel like there is something positive about what is happening in downtown Oakland. This is what is possible when anarchists […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Spring 2011

Things to do, things to do… Hey! Here is what is going on with us! We are just finalizing everything we need to do to prepare for 8 days of Anarchy a festival we have here in the Bay Area around the time of the BASTARD conference. We hope that those of you on the […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Fall 2010

This summer included fun trips to Seattle (the NW is the best!) and a wonderful trip to Minneapolis. The midwest is a refreshing change from the coastal anarchist scene. Less sectarian, less bohemian, and full of interesting projects. People should stop moving to the coasts and make the Midwest more awesome! Halloween is near. The […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – Summer 2010

Spring was a great time for LBC. The Bay Area bookfair was great and the NYC bookfair was a great deal of fun. We even had a quick trip up to Olympia! We watched 10,000 copies ofAfter the Fall pass into the hands of people who found spectacular use for it. We also watched the […]

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What is new with Little Black Cart – March 1st 2010

The LBC crew has been working through the winter to make this Spring one to remember. We are lining things up so that we can make it to all the major book fair events around North America and bring people texts and conversation that they can only find through us. We are really excited for […]

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