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Entry 3 – British Columbia

I haven’t been away from my home keyboard setup for this long in a few years. The reason I know is because I haven’t read hundreds of @news comments. I have stopped caring about all of the updates of my “friends.” And I’m ambivalent about catching all of you up with my trip. That’s not … Continue reading “Entry 3 – British Columbia”

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NAASN 2015

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been feeling pretty low and unexcited about the anarchist space but didn’t want to devote much energy to complaining about it. I feel a bit better now. I participated in the 2015 NAASN gathering. I was motivated by Tom Nomad and his idea to discuss three perspectives on […]

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Insurgencies: A Journal of Insurgent Strategy

  We are speaking of the need to avoid the tragedy of the Red Army Faction just as much as the tragedy of Occupy, the need to abandon symbolic terrains of engagement, in which we struggle against unspecific enemies on abstract political terrain through the elaboration of our passions.  We are speaking of the necessity […]

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Whitherburo by Anonymous That America and its way of life are ending, there is not the slightest doubt. But for what reason, and in what manner, and what can possibly come next? What happens in the gap between two worlds, when the new is only dimly glimpsed like a far shore in the night, and […]

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Novatore, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher Renzo Novatore is the pen-name of Abele Rizieri Ferrari who was born in Arcola, Italy (a village of La Spezia) on May 12, 1890 to a poor peasant family. Unwilling to adapt to scholastic discipline, he only attended a few months of the first grade of grammar school and then […]

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BOOM by Aragorn! Here are compiled two pamphlets that introduced for a modern anarchist audience the relevance of nihilism, and the historic connections and disconnections between nihilism and anarchy. Especially because nihilism is a word that is gaining notoriety and credence in some anarchist circles, it is also, much like the word anarchy, used in […]

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I Want To Be A Suicide Bomber

I Want To Be A Suicide Bomber “Why”ing not in order to get ready-made responses to daily media bombardements, and media intellectualisms, Somnambulist Situationists aim at miraculating a sleepwalker’s strategy to re-consider the Situationist Internationalist’s texts towards an un-negotiable, short-circuiting, non-identitarian, and especially a critically pervert position. How can we hypnotise the Father, or Hegel,? […]

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Attentat Attentat – the journal of the nihilist position. This is a journal intended to explore the collision between anarchist and nihilist ideas. The position itself is more about collision than about words. For too long we have suffered the limitations of words and identities that collapse into insignificance without gaining the corresponding heft of […]

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Letter of Insurgents: The Great Lesson III

I am writing about this book again after years of absence, because of how formative the book was in my thinking about criticism (and specifically criticism as a form of communication and engagement with written material). The relationships in this story are still the model I use when considering what I mean and what I […]

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Friendly Fire

“You are waiting for the revolution? Let it be! My own began a long time ago! When you are ready (god, what an endless wait!) I won’t mind going with you for a while. But when you stop, I shall continue on my way toward the great and sublime conquest of the nothing!
Any society […]

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