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How A Fire at the Mountain demonstrated the failure…

This is not a complete writeup of the A Fire at the Mountain (AFM) event. I’m probably going to write one at length for a to-be-announced project I’m working on. Additionally, I recorded a lot of the event (mostly the presentations during day two) and plan on discussing the event in detail (with audio) during […]

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This tour is over

Final reports and self-criticism At the end of week three I was still glowing from my first day in New Orleans. The glow has faded now that I am a couple thousand miles away. The trip is over but it’s not completely gone for me. I look forward to seeing New Orleans again and seeing […]

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The LBC Tour – Week Two and Three

The Midwest Whenever I return to the Midwest I feel like I have a sign over my head telling all passerby’s that I have returned, the prodigal son or some such shit. But the people who actually live here tend not to give a fuck. Everyone they know lives here so what’s it matter that […]

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+inspired by watching this comedian Louis C. k. (Louie S02E09)+ I went through a long phase being stuck on the significance of the fact that a human life is one of interdependence. There’s a lot of angles to come at the topic from in support or critique of the premise and in either case, a […]

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Protected: Language and the Persistent Crush

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Being better

I’m going to try to use a web posting to have a developed conversation about why I keep doing what I’m doing. Why anarchy? Sure, but also why projects, (anti)politics, or anything that doesn’t look like a quiet, satisfied life. One that doesn’t look like some satisfied combination of eating good food, consuming interesting media, […]

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Protected: All and Nothing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Reclaiming Manarchy

Reclaiming Manarchy   Some time ago I found myself swooning over an anarchist man that I don’t know. It was purely aesthetic: the way his neck hair almost blended in with the hair from his chin, his heart warming hugs, the glint in his eyes as we talked about the latest dramas of Bay Area […]

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How to burn bridges…

and not end up living a life of lonliness and desolation I am a known bridge burner. This means that on several opportunities throughout my life I made choices that meant I lost friends. Not lost friends in that I got to pick them up again later, but lost friends in the sense that people […]

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You are principled independent, with a dark side Your responses indicate a desire to escape from your troubles, and a fear that this action will destroy what you’ve already achieved. These conflicting emotions sometimes cause you to be abnormally irritable and impatient when your needs are not met. Your concentration is also impacted, often leaving […]

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The Study Group and beyond

I am a member (in good standing, with a membership card and all) of the longest running (defined by volume of meetings over time) anarchist group in North America. The Berkeley Anarchist Study Group has met every week for at least the past 14 years. I have been involved since the first conference that the […]

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Be relentless

The world responds to action, and not much else -Scott Adams I often have occasion to describe myself as competitive. This isn’t strictly true. I have little to no interest in zero-sum games or in defeating rivals in some arbitrary contest (whether a football game or games like money or market share). What I do […]

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Better than ever

I just returned to the Bay after an involuntary period of travel mostly related to a death in the family. It is strange how I have allowed myself to get wrapped up in family affairs. I never reconciled myself to family or more bluntly I resolved myself to not family and then equivocated. I did […]

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Interview about Cross-Dressing

So I guess the community college paper is doing some article about cross-dressing and interviewing people who they think may have some insight into it? The interviewer is Mimi Wang. Anyway – it’s been a while, enjoy! 1. Why do you crossdress? I have practical reasons and theoretical ones… Practically, I crossdress because I have […]

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What has changed. What has stayed the same.

Let me start with public matter that I should have attended to earlier. My big projects, the ones I was so cagey about all fall, have been announced. These include… The formation of a new publishing project LBC Books The announcement of three new books to be published by this new project (with 2 more […]

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and then a few months pass

I would like to be updating this blog at least once a month (but preferably 2-4 times) but I haven’t for the past few. This is largely because I am about to announce the largest project I (by which I mean we since there are several other stakeholders) have ever undertaken and I would prefer […]

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Severed Roots

Roots of Self Pealing away at the onion of Identity has been a part of an extenuated existential crisis. One that has become more vast as I have become older, more complicated, and more entangled in relationships that are further from my affections. I …

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We had a debate and the results were unfulfilling

Last night my friends from Applied Nonexistence and The Oakland Commune threw a little debate at the Long Haul. I felt implicated. I participated in the debate on the side of Political Demands, both as a personal test and so that I have my story straight if the syndicalist round ups ever begin. Once I […]

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But What About the Vegans!?

Consider this post my farewell to veganism. I am writing it so that there is a single place to put down my ideas about the change and, I hope, the last place I’ll have to talk about this again. At the end of the day my change from being vegan has as much to do […]

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The problems of opinions & wealth

I want to wrap up my out loud thinking about my time in Europe (I’ve been back for three weeks but it doesn’t feel like it since I am now traveling so much) with some conclusions but first some thoughts about other problems that feel specifically American but perhaps are more general. US radicals are […]

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