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Entry 2. To mile 1000.

Portland One expects the worst from Portland. From “we will not be silenced,” to Portlandia, to the fact that Portland doesn’t even seem to be trying any more I had low expectations. The fact that the only person I knew from the Annares collective wasn’t there and my fear started to rise. I was totally … Continue reading “Entry 2. To mile 1000.”

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Entry 1 – #lbcasual tour

About 450 miles from Berkeley, CA to Southern Oregon First stops I’m going to journal my trip a little bit, not so personal but perhaps over personal along the lines of what a long motorcycle trip looks like for a middle aged person. What travails and pleasantries I encounter and how I somehow relate all … Continue reading “Entry 1 – #lbcasual tour”

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Small November announcement

Dear friends of LBC, We just to let you know that while we anticipated being at the Portland Bookfair (which is why we didn’t make it to the Tacoma one, since we have to pace ourselves) — and in fact requested two tables as soon as the event was announced, the Portland Bookfair people have […]

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