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Justice for Oscar Grant?

Let’s face it, the idea of “justice” for Oscar Grant isn’t what we need. It sounds good as a slogan for an easily co-opted movement, but it ignores several important factors when looking at the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of Mehserle and when looking at the entire system of police. The movement […]

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This is a rough draft…

————————— A Continued Discourse on Crews: All Friendships are Political I intend this to build upon what Nachie wrote in Emotional Poverty on crews and their use for (anti)political organizing and activity. The crew/street gang structure has shown to be extremely effective, and is definitely something that anarchists and anti-state communists should be using. But […]

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A Brief History of Columbus RAAN

One of my long standing projects has been participating in the Red and Anarchist Action Network (RAAN), but has had several manifestations in town as I’ve aged. In late 2002, I started first with “Liberatory Projects” which made a text archive cd and distributed it around town with a few friends. This was followed with […]

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