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Struggles of the Farmer Neighborhood in Tempe, AZ

For years I have been writing about subjectivity, long-term goals, cultural struggles, radical ghettos, liberating space, and resisting domination. Yet, I have failed in communication with comrades and friends alike to articulate the importance and originality of the Farmer neighborhood struggle; how it exemplifies an approach to rebellion that has won my approval, and the […]

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Rebellion and Future

The themes of time, context, and rebellion has ran through a variety of anarchist events that I have attended lately. This has taken the form of discussions about lifestylism (with crimethinc often cited), leftist ideals of the Revolution, the notion of prefiguration, and ideologies. The conversations usually go something like this: – Leftist revolutionary movements […]

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Protected: Notes after ASG (Family background and Social Cohesion)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Idealist-Criminal/Duped-Activist Trope

from a facebook post… Lately I’ve been watching the Blacklist on Netflix. One of its episodes shares a theme that I have a hard time thinking of a show I’ve watched the past couple of years that doesn’t. Those shows are somewhere in the genre-pool of mystery, detective, and sci-fi; and, there’s a lot of […]

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The War of Reality

Introduction If an objective reality exists, it is not exactly what I am writing about when I write about reality. I don’t consider the reality I write of to be entirely subjective, either. Already I’ve used so many words that bother me: objective, reality, entirely, subjective. So to quickly move forward to what is and […]

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cutting out intellectual labor for myself

The interactions I want to explore in this piece are those which structure the relationships between individual-environment or self-world: relationships with the non-human landscape, technology and family structure (forms of collectivity), the desire for access to a reality beyond sense-perception and consensus-reality, religion and state (and science) as an affirmation of such a reality, the […]

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God is dead… he wrote. The fundamental conundrum of contemporary man’s condition: nihilism. Nihilism becomes the inescapable spirit of the times. The Modern Man could merely respond to it, manage it, and perhaps with an active approach, create for himself a way of being in the world that could bid nihilism good riddance. The foundations […]

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An Individual’s Interests

Existence for a self-conscious individual may not offer any sort of rational basis for meaning and values, but it at least offers a biochemistry to help get the process going. Good and bad may not transcend the somewhat haphazard associations brains form which tie into emotional responses, but there are at least those immediate and […]

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Camus’ the Rebel: Quotes (some Notes)


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A Grotesque Laugh from the Undead (RE: Why I Am Not Anarchist)

A Dorky Response to In the year 2053, Hiroshi Ishiguro developed an industrial technology which could manufacture an infinite supply of humanoid devices. This technology was immediately protected by the NWLOL as an international resource and regulated according to theorized use risks. While spinning the management of this technology as both potentially messianic and […]

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Media Buzz Topic: Depression

Depression has a lot of media buzz right now, which is a great excuse to write about it. There isn’t anything exceptional about it, it’s a typical phenomena that usually works well enough for getting us to relax. No one would bat an eye if you told them you were experiencing anhedonia (loss of pleasure […]

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More about the Conversation

The problem is Others’ minds…   Everything changes with your ideas. You give to time an arbitrary deadline. You give to places a historical meaning. You give to me the impossible task of communicating the meaning of my actions to you.  Without your ideas I have to myself the wind, the trees, the fog, the pain, […]

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Meaningless, Absurdity, Other People, Conversation

    (Albert Camus) Absurdism: In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between (a) the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and (b) the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean “logically impossible”, but rather “humanly impossible”.[1] The universe and the human mind do not […]

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RE: The Politics of Denunciation

RE: The Politics of Denunciation The following are two statements in the piece that I can relate to: “Support for the survivor is equated with, and then replaced by, castigation of the perpetrator.” and “It is unsurprising, then, that our tendency is to push people out, rather than draw them in; but when we do […]

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Two Guys Meet At A Bar

[this is a short dialogue about socalled confidence and personality types]   Rick and James both hear about a hip local spot where they meet. James is sitting at the bar on his second drink about to order some food. Rick walks up to the bar to order his first. Rick is a large, strong […]

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The notion of intellectuals is something that I’ve struggled with a long time. The concept grounds itself in a world peopled mostly by idiots and to whatever extent this is true, too often this implies that others’ stupidity is so severe that they’re fundamentally incapable of living a decent social life or even surviving without […]

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Why I Like Really, Really Wierd Shit So Much

ou·tré [oo-trey] Show IPA adjective passing the bounds of what is usual or considered proper; unconventional; bizarre. Origin: 1715–25;  < French,  past participle of outrer  to push beyond bounds *** A fascination with weird shit is important… For me it is invaluable. Surprisingly or not, this is because I consider weird shit to be fundamental […]

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Charting A Path Towards Vegetarianism

This is going to be an entirely different essay than the one which was originally posted here. I don’t care to explain why. Intro There are numerous approaches in deciding how to relate to other animal species. Some of which I find more problematic than others. Since I am secular, I will not be addressing […]

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Against Alpha

  Earlier today I wrote this on the use of the word “Confident”. What I had in mind was the obnoxious use of the term in dating discourse: “When did “confident” go from describing how much doubt someone has in relationship to something (“I’m confident this will work”, “I’m confident in their capacity to manage […]

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Extra-Terrestrials Choose Hollywood’s Sexiest Geeks to Lead Humanity in the War Against the Machines

Are you a Sexy Super-Geek? We need you to lead the Resistance! Once again, capitalism needs MORE GEEKS …and as always, Hollywood is here to build the prototype. There is a history to this trend. The movie Hackers came out in 1995, shortly before venture capitalists started frothing at the mouth causing the Dot-com bubble to […]

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