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The World… and some stuff

October 3rd doing dirty dishes downstairs i would like to make dinner but all the dishes are dirty Haiku the World Goodness gracious, world – it has been sometime since the last, hasn’t it? Let’s no pretend you didn’t miss me (or did you!). Well, there were some things in-between – here for a moment, […]

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Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Asere, ¿qué bola?: A brief review of two Fifth Estate texts on Cuba (like very brief) An Anarchist in Cuba: Socialism or Cell Phones by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #378, Summer 2008. $4.00 Adios Socialismo by Walker Lane Fifth Estate #383, Summer 2010. $4.00 Well is down, so what else am I supposed to […]

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A Not So Top 10 for 2k10′

how about swimming at the bottom of the lake? (ohhh, the irony! is that why people like the Weakerthans?) Why do you put LOVE so much in your titles? Or something like that… Hi. What moves you? Well… last year when I had a radio show and was much cooler I did a top five […]

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Reality is starting to incorporate our dreams

Maybe what’s happening is that we’re all becoming children again. Our rigid roles and characters are dropping off like dried skin. We’re fascinating to each other because each one of our acts might be a total surprise, at any instant our personalities might change completely. Like children, we’re not exhausted by what we’ve been and […]

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