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Authenticity and Security Culture

Authenticity is the exact point at which I depart from the post-structuralists and post-modernists. They can’t place agency -they find no sound argument for its existence. They harp on Heidegger for this emphasis on authenticity. But I’m no…

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Anarchist Revolution and the Middle Class

Anarchist Revolution and the Middle Class State and Capital The State was not born a capitalist state: it was feudal and colonial, but not capitalist. The State spread through colonialism and the accumulation of wealth to itself. It dispossessed (and still does dispossess) peoples of the land held in common …appropriating it and creating class […]

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Memory: Self, Identity, Ideology, and Anarchy (notes)

These are just some notes and some arguments that come to mind when considering the strange conflicts my contemporary comrades have with Subjectivity, Identity Politics, Ideology, and Anarchy (or, anarchist struggle): Our sense of self, our identities …

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Question of the Month: is Pedagogy the rasion d’etre of Philosophy?

  conversation so far…. Squee: I want to field some answers before I respond to my own question… but I do want to say that I believe the answers have significant implications (and my next serious piece of writing is going to be rooted …

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Critique of The Zeitgeist Movement: Observations and Responses; Activist Orientation Guide (turned into me not giving a shit enough to finish a formal critique)

This is one of many documents produced by (or, for) The Zeitgeist Movement. While the cinematic media spread on the internet is for merely introductory purposes, the details tend to be in various documents: FAQs, transcripts of Jacque Fesco’s lec…

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This is a project that I have been thinking about for a while and will probably take a considerable amount of time to put together coherently. Artificiality (or, Artifice) is something I recognize to be a class based, culture based, and oppressive valu…

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(fuck) The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement

I want to state very clearly, right from the beginning, that I am beyond mere skepticism about the Venus Project (cadre) and the Zeitgeist Movement. The three full-length videos were annoying: between some vague and possibly sound conclusions about eco…

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Thinking about the Functional Designation of Space

the below comment is a response to this article I think there is (a big) something to be said about the relationship between ideas and material space… this focus on experimentation. There seems to be a different result in the ideas that come from…

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Emapthy, Development, Capitalism

These three videos say a lot of the things that I would like to write about the social and psychological affects of capitalism that for me, are central to the critique of capitalism (and authoritarianism, which is a nice package of all this shit into a more extreme fucking of human development). This first video […]

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Concept Mapping Anarchism

So after watching this talk: David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization I have become somewhat more enthusiastic about the idea of visually representing information. Like the speaker, I had read Tor Norretranders’ book the User Illusion and was inspired by it to reconsider the way I understand learning. This is only on top […]

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Attractive Inconsistencies: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships

The following analysis may be considered in the light of Gender or Queer Theory, but it does not support many of the common assumptions present in theories of Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationships. The first assumption doubted is not controversial: human beings come in two sexes – male and female.  The second assumption, that there […]

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The Authoritarian Artist

This is a response to the article GaGa, Bowie, Hitler published in the Anvil I’ll give this author a good amount of credit for taking on this massive topic and trying to elaborate the analysis with such little space to do so. Here’s my thoughts… Hitler (and the early 20th Century): Mentioning that Hitler was […]

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Movements: the Party you can’t vote for!

What is the Movement? Do you feel it next door? Does it whisper in your ear at night? Does it take the streets… or just scuff them? We know the answers to these questions, but can we define the Movement? Call it “the Movement”, call it “a Mass-Movement”, or just call it “Movement”: it will […]

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The Battle of the Brain

The Battle of the Brain The mind’s great conflict spills over onto the world stage By IAIN MCGILCHRIST Why is the brain divided? If it is about making connections, why has evolution so carefully preserved the segregation of its hemispheres? Almost every function once thought to be the province of one or other hemisphere—language, imagery, reason, […]

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Establishmentarian Sophistry: the Non-Conformist paradox

Establishmentarian Sophistry: the Non-Conformist paradox How many times have you heard the argument that so-called non-conformists are still conformists because they conform to the norms of their milieu? Ok, so perhaps the argument usually isn’t worded in those terms… but you’ve heard it. The argument itself seems plausible: these people think of themselves as non-conformists, […]

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Psychologies from a Revolutionary Perspective

[This is taken from a letter in response to a comrade that wants to explore the importance of social-psychology for anarchist theory] History (and time in general) are of great importance to social-psychology, in my opinion. To me, this not only means evolution (the history of life), but social history, political history, etc. If a […]

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The Social-Psychological Revolution

What sort of revolution are we really after? We have called it the “Social Revolution” before, in opposition to a political revolution (where we would merely change the political and economic systems). This is a good start, but I believe that anarchist theory has become much more than even a social revolution. Surely, we seek […]

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Sexualism and Sexism (response to an Anarchy101 question)

This was a question asked on and it is a question I think is important, so I am posting both the question and my answer to it (which reveals why I think it’s an important question): Q: How does a male express sexual interest in a female without reproducing patriarchy or sounding artificial? “Many […]

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Capitalism from the Perspective of an Artist

Capitalism from the perspective of an artist… There are many ways to critique the capitalist mode of production, the consumer society, its spectacles, and the stultification of the spirit one suffers under its logic. While I have found most of these critiques intellectually sound, my heart is not touched by them. Not by Marx, Debord, […]

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