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Seven Years Buried Alive & Other Writings

Seven Years Buried Alive & Other Writings by Bifilo Panclasta Based on sources from 1910 to 1940, this Seattle publication of the writings of Biófilo Panclasta is beautifully produced and nicely sized. Panclasta was an anarchist who told Kropotkin that he wasn’t one, because he had no cause but his own. Influenced by Nietzsche and […]

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Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Chronology of Actions

A time line of actions and communiques from 2011 and 2012.
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Illegalist Trial Statements

A small and very pretty publication compiling statements made at their trials by illegalist icons like Ravachol, Maurice Jacobs, Raymond Callemin, Emile Henry, Clement Duval, and August Vaillant.
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On The Run

On The Run by Anonymous A nicely produced little booklet including writings by and about Felicity Ryder, Diego Rios, Gabriela Curilem and about being underground. For people to take action seriously, requires serious consideration of what to do when the reaction hits. This booklet joins Incognito in exploring the realities of going underground. “The refusal […]

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