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The Firewall

This has been a harder piece to write than I expected it to be, since the point I want to discuss is relatively simple. What isn’t simple is the supporting material: the bits around the central bit. There is this larger piece I’m in the middle of thinking about the next issue of Black Seed: […]

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Work and Alienation

The details of Craig Carlos-Valentino’s work should not be seen as a minor detail in the story of his life, of which the event that occurred in the Bay Bridge the morning of November 11 can be seen as the most logical outcome of such a form of existence. It seems as if everyone, everywhere, […]

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Life while burned out

I still have 1000 ideas running through my mind but absolutely no energy to act on any of them. I have enough energy to exercise, get through my work day… and that’s about it. I am burned out. I am sick of this routine but have still not completed my tasks (even though they are […]

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